Abelina and Abel

This is a sketch of ‘Abelina’ and Abel. Scan is a bit blurry on the left, but oh well >:

Abelina (I named her myself) is one of Abel’s earlier designs as seen here:

So yeah, this is basically Abelina spitefully looking at Abel because she couldn’t get into SF4.

Nice one!

Are you going to color it?

Abelina, lol. She’s cute. They should put her in Super Street Fighter IV.

It’s like, “OMG, Abel suddenly has a sister! What a plot twist!” :rofl:

“Abelina” is actually a guy.

Looks like she could have been like the new Makoto.

According to kotaku, that’s abels first design, still a guy just younger and girly lookin, but still a dude.
Reminds me of bridget from GG.

What the…still a dude?! Gay. Also reminds me of Ash Crimson and Shion from the King of Fighters series. Why do they do that to us…


he has wrapped tits and everything >:C

*Insert “It’s a Trap” Here

motherfucking capcom


now I feel like a raging homosexual

shrug :hitit: wouldnt give a fuck.

edit and i suppose i’d better put nohomo for you americans.

I think that’s a must in this case, sir.

Nice pic, ermmm…re-drawing. I learned something new today :party:


Now i gotta remove dem tittays of his that I drew in. God damnit lol >_>

But to answer Fryght’s question (which I should have addressed earlier), I’ll probably do a full colouring of this.

…but “dem tittays” are nice.

Kotaku is fucking WRONG. It says that she could be mistaken for a little girl, which they did not want to convey. They wanted to convey a strong image of a woman, which is why they went with Viper instead and changed Abel to a guy to fit the Judo image better (also, to fit the story…Abel is somehow related to Seth and somehow knows Guile…both buff dudes).

Check here for yourself:
Google Translate of the Japanese blog

That google translate makes as much sense as Opis.

Yes, but it’s awesome.

Yes, google translate doesn’t make much sense, but it’s pretty clear that they talk about going with Viper instead of the girly Abel. They just ripped one ambiguous line out of context.

I say, leave the titties on! :tup: