Abel's AE Changes... Thoughts



What are your thoughts on Abel’s AE changes? personally I expected all of them… except for Cr. HP nerf… I’m glad now that Abel is a little lower tier, and people can’t bitch you when they lose because Abel isn’t as good as he was…

Anyway… it just grinds my gears that Cr. HP nerf… but other than that… why not?

Leave your thoughts below :stuck_out_tongue:


If you play with Ultra 1… than it’s not very very bad…

Ultra 1 will do less damage… again! w/e, we can live with that
Abel shouldn’t be randomly rolling anyway… being able to get hit will just teach abel players to be less reckless with them…

Down fierce = … pretty lame. As it is now… it looks like it runs from the tip of his elbow down to around his waist… we don’t know exactly how they changed it but no matter what it ain’t justified imo.

i do agree about the tier list things you said: abel players get a bad rep ever since super’s tier list… now with his new nerfs, hopefully through time the tier lists will reflect this and leave the haters with little to nothing to say.


He feels the same. I disagree with the tier list comment (not that I put too much thought into it). He’s likely to stay where he already is on the tier list-- high-mid, maybe even higher with the nerfs to some characters, most notably the charge characters.


I feel the hate was not because of the Tier List, but because of Breathless though.




I spent a ton of time playing Abel the last two days at CTF and played him pretending that there were no changes to try to get an unbiased opinion of what changes really made a difference.

Things that I noticed: The 1st thing I noticed was down fierce juggle hit box. I still get it to juggle but not nearly as often as before. Spacing and timing are stricter. What’s that mean to me personally? My hard fights against Sakura just got a little harder.

The damage on both ultras was noticably decreased. I landed a handful of them that would have ko’d in super.

I didn’t feel much of a difference with start-up on breathless. It still catches bad jumps. All the times I landed it on someones jump I never absorbed the jump-in so it didn’t really affect my use of it. I personally feel breathless is ass but for the match-ups you need it for it still works.

LK roll recovery is noticeable. I’ve been hit at the end of it while blocking against the betters players like L.I. Joe, Sanford etc. It can hinder you in some match-ups like rolling through Dictator’s S.RH is no longer an option.

TT damage nerf. No big deal.

Overall Impression: Meh. If you were losing to Abel before then you still will. You’ll probably have to hit people with 1 more mix-up than before to end the round.


roll recovery is the same… you got hit because the invi frames got reduced. if the recovery is changed, you wouldnt be able to do the lk/mk roll mixup after falling sky backdash.

as for breathless, its way shittier than before. good players wont make bad jumps, maybe even faked one to bait you do ultra and hit you on the way down. the startup is noticeable imo… cases like, when guy tried to cross me up on wakeup, usually if i do autocorrect U2, will always catch the crossup… but the guy was able to jump again, making the ultra whiffed. also you cant punish hondas headbutts anymore so yeah. U2 is almost useless against boxer now too imo(U1 is better anyway).

edit: the guy thing was proly my own timing error, but yeah u2 can no longer punish headbutts.


Yeah invincible frames was the word I was looking for

I thought of testing breathless against honda. Headbutt is a great way to check something’s frames. Didn’t want to lose my money since I’ve never been a fan of breathless. I’ll take your word on it.


So overall, Abel’s nerfs aren’t as bad as they sound?

I wanted to try it out at the only place that had SF arcade machines in my Chicago area (Gameworks), but when I went there, they still haven’t gotten their SSF4 Arcade Machine… hopefully that’ll change by Feb. at least.

My Abel is Gutter Trash IMO… Especially when out of 10 times of trying to execute Fierce --> Change (FADC) Cr.HP Ultra I can only hit it like 4… so I guess it’s back to the lab! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still salty about Breathless. All they needed to do, was take away Abel’s ability to cancel it. That’s it really. Maybe cut down on the amount of time Abel could hold it.

All that other shit is unnecessary.


hahaha maybe if people complain enough to capcom they might buff him back a little once console version is released :smiley:


Wait, ANY of them? Or just EX and jab?

Lol, I doubt they would give it 17 frame start-up. That would just be spiteful.


lol my bad, yeah jab n ex(those were the ones that mattered anyway)

shit i forgot about strong headbutt… i think its possible. since breathless has 10 frames startup now if im not mistaken


has 10 frames been confirmed or is that just what people are guesstimating?


unfortunately i havent been abel to confirm it myself yet…

any other abel with ae access? im sure im not the only one…


I see what you did there :cool:


So I finally played AE Abel last night at CTF. Dude is the same. I still was hitting AA Low Fierce at will (though I never really use that too much anyway)… I was still shocked to see TTs and Ultras kill, that I didn’t think would do so… I still punished silly shit with Breathless (if they made it any slower, it can’t be more than 2 frames… if that)… I still lost to an Akuma player I know I should be beating… no difference.

Thankfully, they took away the shitty win-cap, so I got a good 10 streak before I went to get my ass beat by playing Yang. Same shit, IMO.


Good to hear that AA low fierce still works well that was my only worry.


It works when it usually works, though there are cases where it got stuffed when it shouldnt… The move is nerfed, theres no doubt about it. But not to a point of worrying that abel has no AA options left or anything like that.


Yeah, I think I used it in a pretty limited scope all along, so there’s no real difference to me.