Abels at FRXV?

So yeah, so far I know me, strider801 and juicebox gonna be at FR.

Anyone else?

I have 3 days left before I leave Japan to Atlanta, just now I played like 30 matches against this top Rufus player… I think I lost 25 times. Sigh. Need more time to practiceee

I would like to go, but I would probably be the weakest Abel in the playground, Strider mind-f’d me so hard recently and I still haven’t recovered from the rape. :frowning: Still, should be fun to attend the event for kicks and giggles. When is it?

Wait…were you the something something grub from XBL? If so, you have a pretty solid Abel, you’ll do good. Your playstyle kinda reminds me of, well, me lol

I’ll be flying out to ATL with the whole Utah crew on Thursday. See you guys there :wgrin:

We’re gonna have a couple setups in our room, you are more than welcome to come. I also play a pretty good Rufus, so I can get you some practice and offer advice in where you need to improve

I’m considering it, but I’m scrub. Probably will just spend that spring break with the ladyfriends.

Hehe, nevermind. For some reason I thought FRXV was gonna take place in California, misinformation passed on to me.

Yes that was little ol’ me. Fun matches :slight_smile: You are the Man…

Nice, I was actually surprised by your play. You kinda reminded me of my playstyle, since you were using a lot of my tech that most other Abel’s seem to ignore. That’s the first time I’ve been on the receiving end of my shit, and let me tell you, it’s not fun :frowning: Shit is so cheap lol

We should get some more games in, I definitely see potential in your game, you just need to work on a couple qwirks here and there, but you definitely stood out from other Abel’s I play against. Good shit.

Wow, thanks for that feedback and LoL it was an instant sugary treat catching you with your own tech stuff. I have much to learn from someone like you so I wouldn’t mind getting some more games in [SIZE=4]and integrating more of your tech stuff into mine. :slight_smile: [/SIZE]

share that shit bro! lol