Abel's Jap voice, what is he saying?

I’ve been trying to figure out what Abel says in his japanese voice. if anyone have enough time or knowledge in the japanese language i would be truly grateful if someone could give me some basic things what he’s saying.

personally i’d like to know what he’s saying when he rolls, ultra 1 and his wheel kick.

Q: What is Abel saying when you set his voice to Japanese?
A: Set Abel’s voice to English and listen

so it’s all exactly the same? i didn’t know that lol XD

i select i select i select i select i selecHUAAARRGH

“I saw that” is how that move sounds to me.

wtf brainsplitter i thought u asked this question before in a thread and people already talked about this and you managed to make a new thread just for it? smh

I think U1 says, “Gotcha!” whereas U2 sounds like, “I go!” but I doubt it’s anything more than a cry. Lol.
[media=youtube]sifi7Rd-_-o&feature=related[/media] shows it well enough.

He does say on one of them, “I saw that!” but I can’t remember which. :confused:

What does he say in japanese when gets ko’d, because in english he doesnt say anything. Sounds like SHALABAGA!!! or something like that, while in english he just yells in agony.

I always felt he yelled “Marseilles” in english, but in japanese i am pretty sure he says ‘i saw that’.

When he does he totally goes “ZOMGGGG”

in japanese when he rolls he says I saw that in japanese.

as for on ko its karadaga, karada means body… so its like my bodyyyyyyyy lol

/thread plz

i jusr remembered now that i’ve already asked this haha XD. close this BS