Abel's Lack of Links



This may be more fitting to be in the main threads but w/e

i dont understand the lack of link combos for abel compared to everyone else

or the lack of combo’s

why cant we go from c.mo to fp COD? wtf is that? wat other char cant go from a medium attack to a fierce special?

and why cant we get a c.lp c.lp link into a c.mp? 5 frame jab? garbagio…

Idk it just little things that wen i look around the SF character scene and am just confused…

btw Abel 4 Life


If your question is “Why can’t Abel do what some other characters can do?” then think of it this way. Why can’t Ryu grab you for 200 damage? Because that’s how the characters were designed. Deal with it.

somebody close this thread.


its not so shut the fuck up
and i didnt ask for a new move anything like that and so ur an idiot


hahaha garbagio


what lack of combo’s?

what lack of links?

the cod thing doesn’t matter, at all.


this may have come off as a complaint thread or somethin, more of confusion than anything
just weird that he cant go into fierce stuff off medium attacks, cept f+mk

and ppl need to stop takin SRK forums so seriously and SF4 in general…


It’s the frames man, frames don’t lie. Ryu, Ken, Akuma, those guys could pull jab -> fp srk because of the srk’s 3 frame startup. Framage man, it’ll make or break a combo. The way Abel’s specials are animated makes faster startups unreasonable.


Or maybe instead of telling a community that’s been around since you were in kindergarten how it “should act”, you could, oh I don’t know, find a different community? One that will be nice to you all the time no matter what silly idea you’re proposing. In fact, I think that I know of such a place. A glorious place where people say things without ever saying anything at all. Where is this place, this wonderful realm of carebears? One word: GameFAQs.


you obviously don’t know wen i was in kindergarden… and why should i listen to some internet tough guy? i wont. i can make as many threads as i fuckin want, whether you like it or not. Deal with it.


Abel’s got links son
c.jab, standing close fierce xx fierce CoD (whiffs on crouching opps but is easy peasy)
c.jab, standing close strong xx jab CoD (hits crouching opps somewhat harder link)
c.short, standing close fierce xx fierce CoD (1 frame link, whiffs on crouching opps)
c.short, c.jab, standing close strong xx jab CoD (only works on crouching opps, might be character specific)

then if you’ve done his hard trials you’d know about the c.short, c.jab, c.jab, standing far strong (c.short, c.jab, c.jab, c.jab, strong works on Chun, Honda, Abel, others)

His jab and short suck balls anyway. He’s designed to be high risk, high reward… so hit confirms and the like just aren’t his bag. As far as the jab/strong/fierce CoD not comboing off weaker punches… play a SNK game sometime. Shit is common.


People should really stop bitching about Abel’s shortcomings and deal with them…

If you complain this much about him then i think you should move on to another character, seriously.


this post FTW


I gotta hand it to him it does fucking annoy the shit out of me when people ask threads to be closed. What are you the forum muscle? :rolleyes:


damn i give up! i couldnt find the person bithcing in this thread, cuz it certainly isnt me. Ill state for the 3rd or 4th time. I am merely confused and you know wat, Ronin calmly and intelligently informed me, so I thank him, and fuck you to all the other faggot ass e-tough pricks who got mad a someone posting a new thread on an internet forum about a video game.


Vega cant combo into hp RCF from a medium attack.
Rose cant combo a fierce SS from c.mp.
I think Elf cant combo a lk Super from a c.mk
Sim cant combo hp yoga flame off b+mk.
There might be a few more but these are the ones i can think of off my head


btw please close this thread (or can I since I’m the threadstarter?)