Abel's Mix ups!

Every character has a certain style that they geared for (more or less).
Abel is a very up close and personal , grappler character with the potential for beastly mix ups.

What’s different with Abel is that his mix ups are not spoon fed to the players and are often not discovered and used, (i think so).

Abel has several mix ups and has lots of room for creativity, I however have made a video showing the basic essential mix ups that abel is capable of. Take these few mis ups, apply them to your game, and improve them and make them your own.

Abel is a tough character to play with, he requires very good exicution, knowlege, and creativity with mixups.

Enough talk, here’s the video

VIDEO : [media=youtube]UxPoMhXk_IY[/media]

P.S. I also have two other videos with a couple tips with abel, for your own good, you should give those a look see.


There’s some you either didn’t show, or you might not have known.

I know it’s just training mode, but if you’re making a tutorial you really shouldn’t be wasting meter on EX TT’s when showing examples of how to mix up off the knockdown. You can use FP TT and it will hit Ryu for the same damage and I believe it even has less recovery if you whiff. I don’t mean to shit on your attempt to help new players, I’m just putting this out there.

the last two lines made me lol!

Ya ur right, it just felt like the thing to do lol.

Anybody who takes these mixups and takes them to other players will definatly find out about these little details on what to do or not to do.

good stuff

You’re right. I just want to mention how extreme of a difference this is: whiffed FP TT is 39 frames, whiffed EX TT is 54 frames along with a wasted meter.

Either way, you’re gonna get punished.

i guess this can be helpful for beginners.

good job at makin it sound like this is some secret shit and only now youre revealing this to people… lol

wow ive learned so much from your vids

seems weird, but on all the replays i’ve seen of other abels, i rarely if ever see them use any of these here mix ups. Even against characters without dangerous mixups to look out for. Pretty weird.



TT > dash > lk roll > lk roll > Breathless.

maybe youre just lookin at the wrong places, replay channel is never a good place to look for good matches footage, maybe you’ll find good ones every once in a while.

a lot of good players i know dont really upload their replays(on the replay channel that is)… heck, i dont think ive ever used the replay channel function except to view my own matches.

anyway just to be clear, im not dissin your effort or anything, i was just slightly amused thats all. the stuff you mentioned existed and been used since sf4 days.

It’s been around so long, that’s why I think it’s a schandal that almost every abel I play online doesn’t know about em.

If i was new to a game i’d like it for someone to explain something to me to improve my character that might not be exaclty explicit.

By the way… good players don’t upload their replays… that’s frustrating, it’s like the people on top are activly trying to keep the new people from ever becoming good.