Abel's SSF4 Alt costume


Link from Eventhubs.

Holy shit! that costume looks 100% better than the old one and his “buldgey” apperance.
Is that from when he was a mercenary?

Also I didnt know if to post it here or his SSF4 discussion thread so I posted in both places. Mods just delete this if it doesnt belong here

that made me chuckle.:slight_smile:

why not just discuss what’s already been revealed in the Abel or ssfiv costume thread?

did you even read my post?

It reminds me to Universal Soldier I don’t know why.

I’m still sayin he looks like Snake from Metal Gear Soild 3

Well, i won’t be using it. ever. sticking with the white singlet

Heh, you all know how I feel about this costume.

I think that costume is badass.


I will be using it ALL the time. GOODBYE UGLY ALT1 WRESTLER COSTUME

Beards are manly. Best costume.

Abel Snake = WIN WIN

Abel is the best SF4 character to me and Snake is my personal favorite game character. Having influences of him in Abel is just so epic! Gonna use that costume online the second I get it :smiley:


100x better than his SFIV alternate.

Looks good, but I’ll prolly stick with the wrestler’s singlet

Now that’s all I can see…

i like his original and love his alt boots for stompin on fools
his new one is cool, still not sure about that shit on his chin…

I just noticed his goatee haha awesome. At first I thought Rambo but yeah looks like snake too.


Why the hell can’t he have a shirt on ?

lol at people on eventhubs saying Abel’s new alt has nothing to do with his storyline, he’s a mercenary, and besides, who cares about his storyline when he has a GOATEE.

oh and since you guys get Juri/Cammy sideboob, I get Abel barechest, win-win <3

Might be the worst new costume.