Abel's Ultra II



Anyone else having trouble with Abel’s ultra 2? If the abel is smart and holds it, he can pretty much land it everytime against me. My best bet so far has been to stay really, really close on wake to bait it and jump over, or stay as far away as possible to give myself time to react, but his rolls can close the distance pretty quick and then i’m left guessing as to when he’ll release if he does his ultra. Anyone have any ideas?


mash jab to break its armor


The Balrog player’s solution for everything.


My strategy has been so far is when he gets U2, don’t jump in, don’t do any meaties, just stay up close so you can jump over, or far enough that you can jump back and be out of range.

Also, your super and ultra beat U2 clean from what I can tell. If abel picks U2, I try to save up for a super instead of using ex moves, because it’ll beat breathless clean as long as you have charge, just do it as a reversal after his ultra freeze. Also try to save your ultra, it beats Abel’s U2 just the same way as the super, but you’ll get it practically every round. Don’t do your ultra after a bnb headbutt combo unless it’ll kill him. Save it so you can trump a potential breathless.

Try to always have either super or ultra when he has his ultra loaded, it’s the only reliable way to beat it. Otherwise you’re caught in a 50/50 of if he’ll release immediately or hold it to try to catch you as you recover from a jump.

I managed to get lucky once when I was charging a focus on abel’s wakeup, he did a wakeup ultra, but I was able to backdash and it whiffed. I’m not sure if backdash is a good counter, someone else might want to weigh in.


I’ve heard backdash is not a reliable counter to it.


ive broke several abels U2 with tap, but its just luck unless they are one of the abels who wait for their opponent to do something

tried in training mode, tap doesnt work against someone who uses it when you turn, so if they expect it, it wont work

ok if they arnt expecting it. if you are far away jumping back is a better option though

edit: it also seems fierce headbutt gets you over him into safety from further out than forward jump. if you have charge do headbutt instead but if you start charging during ultra flash you will NOT have it in time as his ultra cinematic is too quick



at 1:43, Abel does breathless against standing balrog, Noel FUCKKIINNNG Brown does jump back fierce and beats breathless. He later does it again at the end of the first round (LOL)

If this is a punish against abel players who release U2 as soon as you land from a jump, then it is definitely possible to link U1 after the Fierce connects. (Although just doing reversal U1 is a better idea)

Otherwise, maybe it is possible to jump back fierce and then backdash to maybe 2 chances of avoiding breathless?

breathless is dumb


ex headbutt, nuff said.


If Balrog had an ultra where somebody had to guess high or low I’d need a new hard drive just for hate mail.

Breathless is so foul. Armor, can cancel, can hold, hella fast. Whenever I play an Abel and I’m out playing them, Breathless ALWAYS bails them out evens the match and mind fucks me.

Why did they give the Ultra so many dynamics? Did it REALLY need armor?


That was probably one of the lamest matches I’ve seen in a long time. Players as well.


armor balances the move out. In my experience with abel’s breathless, both defending against it and using it. It seems to track, i.e. not what raging demon does. Meaning, it has about a 3/4 screen range, but if he lets go of it and you’re still, but then you move, he’ll go to where you were prior to and it’ll avoid you all together. For example, if Dan does his Ultra 2, and abel does reversal breathless, it’ll whiff every time and he stops right where dan was before he did the backflip. This may be also, why the focus attack backdash made breathless whiff.

Pretty sure the mechanics of the move don’t make it any easier to avoid though, someone chime in if they can think of any setups where this may (or may not) be true and useful for boxer.


As far as I know it always goes 3/4 of the screen. Maybe a timed back dash in general beats it? Since it counts as airborne, how could you be grabbed?

But Ultra 1 or Super beats Breathless clean, as long as you don’t use kicks. I have gotten into the habit of pressuring Abel’s wake up with max range Dash Smash because it beats Breathless and backdash. It is tricky to punish depending on which degree of roll he uses, smash that you use, where he is on the screen, etc. When he has Breathless up either pressure him close enough to jump over him or be far enough away to jump backwards.

Its no different than playing against Honda outside of his light headbutt range so that you know you can punish any non EX headbutt that he does. But Ultra 1 or Super on reaction to it is my 1st priority since you don’t get many opportunities to land a full ultra on members of the cast w/o projectiles. (Besides as a punish of course.)