Abel's Ultra Whiffs Through Sakura's Whiffed Ultra?

I haven’t a video, but have you all ever noticed, if you’re in a situation where sakura is the in the corner with abel jumping for a crossup on her, and she does an ultra and whiffs, if Abel immediately does an ultra and Sakura’s legs are still open, he goes right through!


video as proof of concept

Oddball glitches are fun :bgrin:

I’ve actually won matches before because of this glitch and unsuspecting abel players.

yeah happend me before

i won because of that 8D

lol amazing

:rofl: does it only work from behind or does it whiff from in front as well?

i don’t know, but when it happend to me, it was also from behind.

but i think it doesn’t need to be in the corner, cause i wasn’t in the corner but both at the middle.

i did random ultra to chip to death (i had a little more hp, but ultra would have killed me), he avoids, jumps over me, counter ultra, runs through me, then i finish him off, while he is in recovery.
i loled so hard back then^^