Abilene TX...


PSN-ConQueso325 XBL-Young Cheezy325


Does anyone know of any Abilene UMvC3 scenes? PSN- magic777 I play an extremely unorthodox team of purely my favorite characters. Tron/point Shuma/assist & Felecia/anchor. I’m near PlayNTrade.


Game Center will be hosting a ultimate marvel vs Capcom 3

There is a $5 entry fee please come into the store and
sign up

1st place gets cash prize and a ps3 arcade fightstick

2nd place gets a copy of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 for ps3

phone 806-317-1361

January 4th 6:30pm


what is game center? where is it? forgot to add that detail


a place that sells game and it is in lubbock


we retro games like nes snes ect…

address is 3434 34th suite B


this Saturday marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament at game center
in Lubbock tx

time 6:30

address 3434 34th suite B

prize cash prize and a ps3 fightstick


Tournament coming soon it’s going to be a A.E game keep a look out for the update


street fighter 4 A.E tournament
feb-22 at 6:30pm
Game center in Lubbock TX
1st place wins an xbox 360 fightstick


you do realize this post is for abilene tx right? probably wouldnt bet that someone would make an almost 4 hour drive just to win a fightstick.


I forgot to put cash prize also but no need to be a smart ass


^ also its a 2hr drive


Due to unforeseen circumstances we will cancelling the street fighter event.


I’m in Abilene and still play, just got an Xbox one for killer instinct. I know con queso and van(we met at the mvc3 tournament at playntrade a while back) add me on Xbox 360 - Kaoshin DyN, I dont have a ps3 anymore.


Trying to start a bar fights scene here. Please if anyone plays send me a message.


Interested, post it in the Lubbock thread too and if Wichita falls has a thread post it there, they are only 2 hour drives, seems legit for some good games


Hey, Ill be moving to dyess/Abilene, Texas in a few months and Im just trying to reach out to folks. I mainly play Smash 4, MkX, Guilty Gear and Blazblue.


Is playntrade still around?


We have local games in San Angelo, Texas and doing Tournaments monthly. Current games being played are Tekken 7, SFV and Smash 4.


San Angelo, Texas will be hosting a Tekken 7, Smash bros 4 and Dragon Ball Fighter Z tournament. March 10, 2018 @ Retro Gaming and Collectibles.