Ability to use keyboard in console versions of USF4?


Hey everyone, I’m new to the fighting game scene. I’ve always been a RTS gamer and because of this I’m only used to playing games with a keyboard. All of my friends play SF on their consoles while I play it on PC with a keyboard. I’m horrible with sticks and pads. Is there any way I could plug in a generic USB keyboard into a PS3 or Xbox360 and use it for SF?


@Zeddah Nope, you would have to use a specially modified keyboard that acts as a PS3 or 360 controller.

What most people do instead is use arcade buttons to build a controller more suited to keyboard-style play. We used to call these “keyboard sticks” but the popular all-button-controller maker Hitbox has made the term almost generic. The Hitbox layout is the most popular keyboard-style layout these days. You can buy a premade controller from them or build your own.






@RoboKrikit‌ Thanks! This looks perfect for me. I appreciate your help.


There’s also loads of converters available, some are really cheap, some are expensive, but the only feature I’ve seen that pushes the cost up is more in-depth mouse sensitivity settings for FPSs. A google/amazon search for “360 keyboard converters” will turn up plenty.


Could you point me toward a cheap one? I have a cabinet running an iPAC right now and I’d love to be able to put a 360 in it as well.