Ables light kick link



can somebody give me tips on how to link abels crouching light kick onto standing fierce punch into cod? the timeing is difficult for me.


it’s a 1-frame link so it’s not gonna be easy. The only tip is to practice the timing.


might be easier to try linking a into a standing lp and cancel into LP COD. linking the two light attacks is the easy bit but cancelling the first punch into a COD is the tricky bit.


Linking into lp would still be a 1 frame link because startup is the same as fp. Linking from a cr. lp is slightly easier. Canceling into CoD from FP is much easier than from jab, well at least for me.


Linking cr.L xx st.HP is much more consistent than cr.LP


I’ve never tried lk into s.hp. I have no problem with his into s.hp so I’ll try this when I get home, shouldn’t be a problem. I always thought the best way to get this off was c.lp into -> cod


S. Mp is used when the opponent is crouching, st. fp would whiff.


cr.LK link is if the opponent isn’t crouch blocking, cr.LP can be mid blocked. F+MK also mid blockable.


Oh alright. I guess I just assumed that we were talking about a crouching opp. So the link in question is>s.hp->cod? Sorry just want to clarify because I want to try it out when I get home.

edit: Couldn’t you do>c.lp->>cod on a standing opp? I think this was in one of busta’s videos. I’m sorry to keep bringing this up/going off topic, but if it’s an easier link and at the end gets you to cod like where you want to end up, why not just do this instead? Or am I clearly missing something here haha


@TL: If my training numbers are right… on a standing opponent, -> s.hp -> hp.CoD = 220 dmg. -> c.lp -> -> cod = No. The far mp comes out, closing the combo, standing or crouched. Plus, the fewer hits, the less scaling.


Yes it can only be done if it’s off of a counter hit, otherwise you’d end up doing far mp. It’s character specific. According to Busta it only works on Bison, Cammy and Fuerte. Most of the cast has to be off of a counter fwd. mk and none of these will work on Rose, Rufus, Honda, 'gief, guile, Chun or Blanka.


Got it. Thanks a lot for the information.


You can do>c.lp>>cod from a jump in mk on almost any member of the cast but you have to kick the op in the face so that you keep moving forwards & land deep, if you kick too early you risk being thrown but if you time it correctly it combos. I don’t understand why this is overlooked & never discussed i use it all the time & it works


I couldn’t get the > c.lp > > cod to come out… counter specific you say?

Interesting. Good to know.


against cammy/fuerte/bison you have to be at POINT blank range and it does not have to be on counter hit for that to combo. to do it against other characters you have to do f+mk dash, now you are able to do it on the character. thats just how it works.

characters you can’t do it against - rose, rufus, honda, zangief, guile, chun, blanka


Well, I worked on this and can get it maybe 40-50% of the time. I’ll probably work on it more, but I have a question: how is this useful/practical in a match? Is the point of it to be in a mix-up type thing? Like blocked>s.hp->cod cancel>s.hp->whatever? Or is this basically an alternative for a poke string? Like if you would normally do x 3 then, you can now do s.hp cod if you get the first hit off.


yeai dont see myself useing the crouching light kick into standing fierce cod, but its just good 2 knw, n 2 practice ur execution. i been exploring with abel in training mode n i cant seem 2 find something new

#18 to st.fp to fierce CoD (or w/e version you use) this is a hit confirm. if you see that the lk or fp did not hit then you can choose not to go with CoD after. plus when is a combo that doesn’t lead to CoD not useful? tell me that.


hm? yea ur rigth dan, anything dat can link to a cod is good. i just never seen any1 do it b4. im sure its usefull at the oerfect moments. ill just keep practiceing it