Abnormally high ping in West Wonderland

I know there was a topic about this concerning GW, but the search only wants to give me a white screen nowadays…

I usually have 15 or 16ms in West Wonderland but lately, it’s spiked to 150+ or even 250+ ms! I doubt my illegal neighbors know how to breach the WEP security on my wireless router, so what’s the meaning of this?

Also, my ping is normal on every other Kaillera client except for WWL. It’s a fluctuating issue that I’ve alleviated through P2P, though.

That’s weird… wwl my ping will be at most 17ms(feels like nfba), whereas every other server: at least 50-60.

nice bday btw:smokin:

Thanks man!

Well, it looks like my ping has finally stabilized down to 31ms. It’s not 15 or 16ms, but it’s more than acceptable.