Abnormally high pings on GW and anti3d?

My ping is usually ~90ms on anti3d and ~95ms on GW, but right now I’ve got ~110ms and ~125ms, respectively. I would think it’s something on my end, except pings are all normal in Darom’s, fragbox, p0wn.com, etc. Anybody else noticing this?

If it’s the same situation for everyone else, that would be your real ping.

That never happens to me on those servers. It doesn’t really matter to me because the lag is seemingly just as bad on fragbox and p0wn as it is on GW (I don’t even go to Anti-3D anymore), even though my ping is usually 21 and 44 respectively (must be the other players’ ping ruining it).

When’s GW West Coast going to come back? It was the only server in which my ping was zero.

Well, oddly enough, my ping dropped to sub-80ms on GW, as of last night. I have never had that low of a ping on GW…and this was with 90+ users online at the time. Whatever they did, kudos! :smiley: