About 8 vs. 6 in tourneys

I was wondering, at larger tourneys, do most players use the KKK and PPP buttons? I couldn’t really tell on the EVO stream if top players use them.

Sort of a dumb/curiosity question.

I didn’t think about until you mentioned something, but i was curious about that too. From the looks of it, when they were setting up their buttons, they would leave the 3x buttons alone, so it seems like they might have been able to use them. And I want to say I recall seeing someone use it, although im not sure if they did or not.

If i had to guess, i would say no, they dont allow it, but i guess for some of the pad players, it would be kind of a must.

I believe that button binding is allowed at EVO but everyone who has a stick plays the standard arcade layout for whatever game they are playing on.

who needs 3 x P anyway? (…)

I guess I’m just surprised to see so many sticks in these threads where people keep the last 2 instead of getting rid of them. On my sticks once I mod them I make them only 6. Personal preference I suppose.

you need those last 2 buttons to navigate menus in SF4.

ZANGIEF of course :rofl:

Maybe a Boxer who is charging a Turn Around Punch. But I don’t play boxer and don’t know how useful that is.

So far I’ve seen quite a bit of both 6 and 8 buttons users… Me preferably would rather use 8 buttons. Even if you dont use them. Still nice to have that option . IMO.

why does everyone care so much about button layout? play to your preference and not others.