About Alex...


…So I heard what he says when he loses sometimes (by way of light attack was it?). Is he taking the Lord’s name in vain or is he calling for help? I’d say it’s kinda ambiguous and well, I like it like that.

What if Capcom had one of his winquotes be “Now you know the power of Christ who lives in me” or something. That’d be too much I suppose…

EDIT: Alex, I still take the Lord’s name in vain sometimes as well…(talking to a videogame char lol)


Alex don’t luzeeee!


Jesus fucking christ…


lol i see nothing is sacred here



“Do a Super my son.”

Stake her back? That’s Chun on the screen, KO’d!


that picture is awesome


Lord, give me strength, for I need to show foos wassup in VF at Super Arcade tonight. Lord, I know I have no right at beating anyone on the 3rd Strike cab but a win there would be nice as well…Amen.

Anyone goin tonite?

EDIT: Btw yeah that is a cool pic WTF lol. Also 3rd Strike Chun is Chun at her most pr0nest.

EDIT: She is somehow at her most unpr0nable too. I mean, if I made a move it’d be like, SA2 all day and then I’d be like, aww forget this bitch!!


I make prayers too:

Charles Baudelaire from the Fleurs du Mal (Flowers of Evil)


Or maybe Arturo died to CPU Alex. Stage 1!


And another fun night at Super Arcade was had. Got some wins on the 3rd Strike cab, but could not even get close to greenjoker. Did parry his Denjin one time though, I was happy about that (yes I’m still a noob). He’s the #1 Ryu on Xbox Live I found out. Now I don’t feel so bad about never beating him on Live or in person.

I got mad on VF. Slammed my controller. But everyone was cool and understanding. I even ended up commentating the games for awhile. First time ever doing that. It was fun but don’t ask me to do it again lol.

EDIT: I don’t normally get mad, but if you saw what was goin on…damn.