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Ok I Found Out Some News About Bloody Roar 5 And I Got Proff About It I Know That They Cancealed It Cause Hudson Got Bought Out By Konami But Some People Thinks Bloody Roar Isen’t Through Konami Which The 4th Bloody Roar Was Take A Look 4 Yourself We Still Hope 4 Bloody Roar 2 Come Out. I Can Recamend If You Hear People That Say The Staff Has Retired, They Won’t Make Another 1 Or Whatever That Is All Lies Cause I Looked At Sites And Magazines In The Bloody Roar 4 Time Line Diden’t Say Nothing About I Even Tried Differen’t Searchs About It No Resaults That Said All That But This Is Funny The 1 That Said The Staff Got Retired Diden’t Say Where Abouts On The Official Also About Their Will Be No More Hudson Games Is A Lie Aswell Cause All The Games From Hudson Has The Rights With Konami But If They Cancealed The 5th Bloody Roar Now Usually They Make A Remake Of The Frachise And See How The Sellings Go I Do Believe If That Goes Well They Will Make A 5th 1 If Any1 Wants Proff About The 5th Bloody Roar That Is Spouse 2 Be Realeased Let Me Know And I Will Send It.







I’m Preety New 2 This Site So I Don’t Really Know How Use This Quiet Yet I Only Seen Fighting Game Session So I Thought That Might Have Been It Well Here Is Some Proff I Found Of It You Can Say Also It Was Hard Since I Was On My Iphone 4 It Has Some Info About It On The Page
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you again?


1: spell check
2: don’t post from your fucking iPhone like this was so important that you needed to
3: until there is official word of a new game in the franchise do not make a new thread