About Cross-up Demon Flip

I have no way of practicing it except from when I play on arcades… does anyone know how to do cross-up mostly on top tier characters, can every character be crossed-up?, and if the fact of your opponent is crouching or not does affect the cross-up

Second, how do you guys react when your opponent jumps verticaly when you do a demon flip? do you stack with lk flip and start early the demon flip? or maybe switch to a mk or hk flip?

Finally can the demon flip be used to change sides when your opponent is in the corner? (for example, you can change sides with necro if you just jump over him when he is in the corner, could you replace the jump with a mk.demon flip?)

I hope I made myself clear, thanks in advance

Well, naturally, it’s easier on a crouching opponent…Problem is I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about right here. Are you speaking of the demon flip dive kick cross up? I’ll assume you are so as to give a least a little info. I basically ignore it for a few reasons. One is it’s difficulty the other, in combination with the first is it’s practicality. Doesn’t really seem all that useful and I can rarely combo anything from a crossup divekick.

Switch? I thought that after the demon flip was done you couldn’t change strengths…Either way I think I speak for many when I say “it depends”. I’ve followed up on a vertical jump with a demon flip demon. Sometimes I’ll try to hang in the air by pressing nothing or intentially whiffing a demon flip. Other times I’ll try to hit the ground as quickly as possible by doing the divekick. And lastly, sometimes I’ll “ignore” it and continue trying to mix up my opponent.

You can definitely do this with consistency. I think it works pretty well on Urien/Gill, Necro and some others (I’ve never went out of my way to figure out exactly who and if I did I’ve forgotten). I’ve experimented with this and demon flip demons and it seems (at the very least) interesting.

why dont u get the emulator and test this stuff out?