About Dante's Acid Rain

Hello everyone, I’ve been having a problem for a lot of time, I watch all kind of Acid Rain loop videos, One guy even did a 13x Acid Rain Loop on Tron, What I’m wondering is… What determines the number of Acid Rains I can shoot before the character falls??? In training I’m trying against Wolverine and I can only get one after the Prop Shredder (I’m on the corner and aware that the Acid Rain loops are corner-only).

Some characters can have more done on them and some less, Wolverine being harder to get more loops IMO. Also the higher they get hit by the acid rain, the more loops you’ll be able to get.

I think the main point is how the “rain” affects the hitbox of the characters… since she hulk and tron are so big, it hits almost fully and holds the character in the air long enough so more acid rains hit, but maybe on wolverine (I am not sure) the hitbox is smaller, then the rain doesnt hit that well then it odesnt hold the character up in the screen long enough…

to put on short… is character specific how that works =)

tron has a very weird hitbox that allows the acid rain loops to work that many times…on pretty much every character you should go for like 1-4 max imo
although i just like to jump up after prop shredder and use hammer

So the Acid Rain loops are character specific? And I do the basic BnB with Volcano into airH - Airplay - etc and after the launcher, then H to connect to ebony and ivory and then prop shredder, I don’t know if there’s a way of leaving them higher in the air?

Three things: How fast you can do the acid rains, how high they are, and how wide they are.
If your acid rains arent fast enough, they have more time to fall between reps.
If your opponent isn’t high enough, that have more time to fall between the ball hits and the rain hits. The higher they are on first rep, the longer you can keep juggling.
If your opponent is wider, they will get hit by more of the rain hits, keeping them in place for a slightly longer period of time, giving you more time to get the next rep out and the balls to go up to hit them.

Edit: Whoops, four. I forgot ‘opponents falling speed’.

In the corner I use Volcano j.H purple ball, falling j.H s.MH Cold Shower Prop Shredder, but I think yours leaves them higher but doesn’t work on some characters all the way in the corner.

I do that exact same combo only I only use sH after the falling j.H, I managed to do 2 loops on She-Hulk, I think I just have to practice more on the speed of every shot and study how does it work on every character, if anyone knows a way of leaving them pretty high in the air it would be appreciated :smiley: and thank you all for your answers! very helpfull (:

acid rain loop is not corner only combo. It can be done anywhere, and the reps possible is due to the spacing from shredder. There’s 2 optimal setups in the corner to guaranteed at least 3 times or more on all characters, search for it on youtube. And tron does have a weird hitbox, which is probably the only character you can get 10+ reps of rain loops in corner.