About DVI&HDMI cables

Hey guys i have some questions about DVI&HDMI Cables

  • i see (male) (female) next to DVI or HDMI wuts it for?
  • My vid card has DVI port and my TV has HDMI there shouldnt be ne problem to connect with one cable?
  • i see ones that are $30 - $40 and $150 - $300 wuts the difference?

thnx in advance guys

Male is the plug that goes into the Female which is the port. So you stick the male into the female like…you know.

If you get a Male DVI to Male HDMI you should be fine.

The more expensives cables have gold connectors and shielding and all this other crap. The picture quality with my $10 generic HDMI cables looks the same as with a $100 Monster cable. Digital is digital, is doesn’t matter how it gets from one end to the other, as long as it gets there.

Hope that helps.

I recommend the 24AWG DVI-HDMI cables from Monoprice: http://www.monoprice.com/products/subdepartment.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10231&style=. High quality cables at a great price.

thnx for the info guys i did purchased one but now i need some setup help.
my video card is Geforce 4 Ti4600 and i got some tips from here

but dosent work that well… i get shaky screen when i try to play games…
my whole window screen dosent come out on my TV

so if u guys know ne website that helps the settings help me out!