About ex yoga flame n yoga blast

have two noobish qns which i rly hope u pros out there can answer

  1. y do ppl prefer back rh to ex yoga blast as an anti-air? does the latter deal more dmg? if so y is it not preferred to?

  2. does ex yoga flame connects with dhalsim’s bnb? i mean does it come out fast enuf juz like lp yoga flame to connect into a combo?

Hey Fergie!

Sim pro? Not so much. But I’ll try and field your questions anyhow. :slight_smile:

  1. People use b+Strong rather than EX Blast for a couple of reasons. The first and most obvious reason is that b+Strong – while it does come out one frame slower than the blast – has 19 frames less recovery. So if you whiff the b+Strong, you’re relatively more safe than if you were to whiff an EX Blast. And the second reason is that your EX meter is a valuable possession. You only want to use meter if you have no other option – if you DO have a better option, it’s more beneficial to save your meter.

  2. IIRC, no, the EX Flame does NOT work in Sim’s bnb. As far as I know, the way to throw the EX Flame into a combo is after the first hit of a b+Fierce headbutt. But you shouldn’t quote me on this one – just get into training mode and give it a shot!

Hope that helps!

edit: er, what amisulpride said. ha.

also you can fb after b+strong working well for sims game

there are some matchups that ex yoga blast is used (not flame though) IE rufus and chun are pretty good situations.

hi thanks for all the replies. my reasoning for choosing ex yoga blast is because u can ground ur opponent. Thereafter u can den do the yoga fire iat cross up to deal more dmg or perhaps readjust ur postioning.If i were to b strong or b rh esp if i am near the corner, den the opponent will still be near me after my anti air. Does this logic make sense?

cool idea =D, guess ill use it wen i want to setup something, i usally teleport for making space

Sometime im doing LK slide, ex yoga flame. Not so bad at certain range.

not so bad mix-up.

yeah but theres that little gap for a flaming SRK =/ and other quick moves

Not only can you ground your opponent, nobody mentioned the fact that ex blast has 4 frames of invincibility. So if you really need it to connect it will connect, it might trade but it won’t get beat out.

;ooo ex blast has infinite frames??? cant wait to try this out have always been useing wake up super to avoid things on my wake up from chip death