About fightstick


Hello, community!
I have a small question: is this PS3 stick work on PC?



I guess it will, I have a Mad Catz Fightstick PRO (red one and SFXTK one) and they both work without any drivers or programs.

Bear in mind that this stick is just a platform to invest into though.


Since you are willing to shell out that much money for that stick, I recommend you to consider to get Madcatz Fightstick Pro. Madcatz is having a sale on them because of Curleh Mustache south and for $10 more you can get a stick that is 10x better than the one you linked.

Also did I mention free shipping in the US?


Only 80$? Get it now, OP. That stick is really worth the price, hell, I thought it was ridiculous when they asked 100$ (and hell, I love living in Poland… I paid about equal to 150$ for mine, and it was a good price!). 80$ is almost free, considering you’d have to pay more than that to buy the one you wanted and necessary custom parts.


If you are only guessing why are you giving advise? If you don’t know, shhhhh :wink:
here is a thread from the Tech Talk forum where you shoud have searched before asking this question anyway