About Gameplay Speed on Training

Hi, I have a question about this. I’ve heard for a long time that if, when you train (not in training mode, I mean when you train seriously, with another friend who is at least equally skilled to you), you play at a higher speed than the default speed used, when you start playing back at normal speed, you’ll feel like you have better reflexes… somehow akin to playing in “bullet time” mode. Can anyone here confirm or deny this? If it works, then it would be really useful for me, because, for example, I use Geese as my anchor (not that the order matters that much in K-Groove), and I can pull Raging Storms effectively (9.5/10) with the “true” command (not the “suggested shorcuts”, as they actually take longer to do than the real command), so it comes out fairly quicky, and no one expects it to work, but my reflexes are still too slow, though I’ve been playing for quite some time now, and I have great trouble pulling Storms right when my opponent jumps when they are quick jumpers (like Vega), and jumpers of low height (but not being low jumps), like Yamazaki (which is one of my hardest matchups IMO).

Well, thanks in advance! Your answers will be of great help to me :D.

I know, I know, Storm is just when c.fierce would not be enough… but when playing in K, you have to land the first super you’re able to land fully. Obviously, most of the time it’s an almost-dizzying (if not) Deadly Rave, but sometimes, they jump foolishly at you and they are just asking to be Stormed in their face.

However, if you play at a faster speed and come back to play on default speed later, your combo timings and reversal timing will be all fucked up, so even if you gained better reflexes that way it’s hardly a gain but a huge loss overall.

Play default speed.

Thanks a lot for the advice. Any other comments?

Ditto on what he said.

Reaction comes with time and practice. That’s all you need to know.

reaction is overrated. just need to learn to read the game and see what your opponent wants to do. Then counter according. Every one plays in patterns.

If everyone plays in patterns, then there wouldn’t be consistent winners in tournaments.

But anyways, thanks for the info. I find what all of you say absolutealy reasonable, so I’ll keep on playing on normal speed, and train the reaction times with sheer practice.

I don’t think you understand his point. If no one played in any pattern, there would be no mind games.

default speed? i thought the standard was Speed 4?

iirc, DC is default speed, and PS2 you have to play Speed 4.

and about the pattern thing. Everyone has a pattern of playing, a certain way that they react to situations. It’s more important to recognize/setup those situations in order to bait out a mistake than to react to someone’s move and try to punish it that way.

Everyone plays in patterns, you just have to try not to get stuck in the same few.