About how long can we expect SSF:IV Top 8 to last?

It doesn’t seem to be starting untill midnight Eastern time, and I have work the next day. I plan on taking a nap in the day so i can stay up late, but if top 8s tend to last for hours and hours there really wouldn’t be a point. Last year I worked until 1am and managed to catch finals when i got home, I can’t remember just what time that was though.

9-11 Pacific time soo 12-2 for you, not tooo bad

count yourself lucky to be just a few hours off.
i was up till 7 in the morning yesterday!

was totally worth it (as long as i dont miss finals from being sleepy)

If it runs as scheduled it wouldn’t be to bad but what are the chances of everything actually staying on schedule? I’m asking of those with previous experience.

They’re about 15 minutes behind right now but it shouldn’t get too much worse. Last year lagged horribly behind schedule but the two-system setup has kept things moving this year.