About how long



Alright, so I got bored of just playing MSP all the time even though I really haven’t mastered any of those three characters, heh.

I just started practicing sent. for real this week, and I’d like to know: how long does it take (I know it depends on the person, so on average) to become consistant with fastfly/unfly combos?

I can do the easy ones, basically lk XX lk into whatever some of the time, but I’m really not that consistent and I fuck it up so much practicing in training mode, heh.

Just curious how long I have to toil before I can start doing fast-reflex-fly consistantly.


uh…jus keep praticin…take your time…you’ll get it…maybe?


To be quite honest, there really isn’t a definite answer to your question because it varies. For me, practicing a couple of hours or so a day in the training room for almost a solid week at different dummy settings (i.e. super jump, standing, etc.) and with different assists allowed me to pull off fast flies consistantly. After that, I moved on to learning unfly combos which isn’t that hard and not as time consuming after you become comfortable with flying/unflying. You may be able to learn this much quicker once you get the notations down.

You basically have to keep practicing until you get used to it. Focus on getting the basic fast fly air combo off 3-5 times in a row (or more) to increase consistancy. After that, try practicing on different dummy settings, such as superjump for example, to help you get used to “match-type” gameplay. This will help you execute fast fly combos more fluently in virtually any situation. I’m still working on getting the unfly combos down but this is what worked for me so I don’t want to tell you that this is guaranteed for you but I will tell you it works. Take your time, be patient, don’t get frustrated if you can’t get them as soon as you want. Be persistent and keep practicing. I’m not a Sentinel pro but I hope this helps. :smiley:


Yea, thanks crono, good advice.


It took me a good hour before I knew how to do this basic fast fly combo:

s. rh > sj. short > fast fly > fly. down+short+capcom assist > fly. fierce+assitst hits > up/forward Rocket Punch or forward Rocket Punch

Just practice for an hour and you’ll get that combo good.

Now I’m experimenting with a different Sentinel fast fly combo


jason in the house!

rock that knowlegde son

yeah i say it’ll take about 1week to get fast flys in training mode, and about a month to get it in actualy game play.


nah it only takes like a day or two at most to get it in training mode, and I can actually perform it more consistently in gameplay than in training mode, heh.

I was wanting a good sent, but I don’t want to give up playing msp… ahh! what to do! =p


Hehe, Thanks, Bananas. I’m hearing you’re very close to being the #1 in G-Ville. That’s tight. Good luck at the tourney. I know I’ll be somewhere on the bottom placement.