About how much does it cost to organize an event like WCW?


09’er here, just curious how much it can cost to get an event like WCW (lol wrestling) off the ground. Are sponsors involved? Does a portion of the pool go towards costs?


I dunno if this is the right forum to post this shit but… basically they contact a hotel or whatever and ask them how much it’ll be to hold an event there, then they charge a venue fee (not part of the prize pool) and that covers the costs for hosting the tourney there.

As for how much it costs I have no idea


There’s too many costs and variables involved for most people to really comprehend. In the end, most of the cost is really time on the organizer’s part.


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No sponsors are involved, though there have been rare exceptions.

The main cost is renting the location. Places like hotel ballrooms tend to be used, especially since there’s a hotel right there for people to stay at if they’re travelling. From the sound of things at WCW, there may have been a negotiated deal with the hotel where if a lot of players reserved rooms and gave the hotel a lot of business, there’s a reduced cost for the ballroom.

Prices vary greatly by location. If you live in the middle of nowhere or know the right people, it can cost very little. For events like EVO or WCW, it’s in the thousands. Going by pre-reg numbers, WCW expected to take in close to $4000 in venue fees… and since so many people showed up, it was over $6000. I have no clue what the actual costs were but this should give you a hint.

Then there’s the cost of all the monitors and consoles… sometimes they’re donated for the duration of the tournament, sometimes they’re rented, in WCW’s case they were all purchased so everyone would be on the same quality monitor.

There’s also a crapload of time and planning involved obviously, and running the tournament keeps you really busy the entire weekend.

I would definitely be curious to see the exact numbers from someone who has done it before… though I’m guessing those people would rather keep it all private.

I’m also curious to know how things were changed by the unexpected 100+ people that showed up at WCW, including their $2000+ in venue fees. It sounds like John Rog planned to sink a good bit of his own money into the tournament, since he bought all the monitors and put $1000 cash into the SF4 prize pool. Hopefully that extra $2000 covered most of the expenses for him.