? about JPN dreamcast SSf2X speed

sorry if this topic doesnt belong here. i figured i would get the best answer in this forum.

i recently picked up a JPN dreamcast and a copy of SSF2X. i am looking for the best possible port and after researching, it seems this is the best console port. after playing it, i would agree that the game is as good as it gets. i own an arcade cab and have both US super turbo and grand master challenge. i play these on US Speed 2, and JPN speed 3.

the thing is…i feel like the dreamcast version is WAAAAY too fast unless it is on speed 1. i play the cps2 versions regularly and i definitely notice a difference. i might even say speed 1 on the DC is still slightly faster than the arcade versions.

i’ve searched older threads where the speeds were timed by using a stopwatch and timing the length of the match from start to finish. not sure how accurate that is as i dont feel like the matches are ending too quick, i feel like the characters are moving way too fast. can anyone confirm this? also, what speed was used when the DC version was played at EVO?

If I remember correctly Ganelon measured the speeds of the arcade versions and he found that the speeds of the DC version were actually slower on the same settings compared to the arcade version.

When the DC version was played at EVO I think they used Turbo 3.