About M. Bison(the Boxer) being Q

Well I don’t know if it’s true or not but I think it’s safe to say that we have a “new” black sf character =D

What do you think? Maybe it’s Birdie :wink:

I don’t think they are the same. No real evidence to prove it other than conjecture.

As far as a new Black SF Character, we don’t even know if Q is 100% Human. When you strike him, he clangs and when he’s electricuted we don’t see a skeleton. All we know about Q is that he has some connection to Remy and he witnessed the downfall of Shadowloo, and we don’t even know what these things mean.

Also, by the logic depicted in the picture, we could say that Dudley=Balrog and we all know that’s not true…

Balrog: "I GOT PAID!"
Dudley: “Gutter Trash…”

BTW, if Balrog = Mike Tyson, then would Dudley = That British guy who beat Tyson a few years ago?

Riddick Bo.

And although not British but American, Dudley looks a lot like Holyfield to me, the guy who got his ear bitten off by Mike Tyson.

There is no connection between Q and Remy that I know of storyline-wise. AAC mentions that one won over the other in a popularity contest or something. Eternal shows them as loners with no line to anyone else, along with Hugo and Elena.

Uh, how about no.

  1. It’s Riddick Bowe
  2. Riddick Bowe isn’t British (he’s from NY)
  3. Tyson never fought Bowe

Try Lennox Lewis.

vasili10 - The Remy/Q connection thing’s in the Plotguide last ime I checked, so you may want to bring that up to TiamatRoar.

RandomNigga - So, what are you trying to say, I was wrong? :rofl: Anyway, apologies go out to Boxing Fans. :smile:

I know, but this was one of the things that Golden Dragon asked me to check in sources earlier this year but after 4.1 of the guide got released. If I don’t see any revision with the next guide update, I’ll remind TiamatRoar about it.