About M.Bison's mistress

Well, it seems that Bison’s master was indeed a woman, not a man like many of us probably believed. Of course, we didn’t really learn much about her in her brief timing in the comic.

However, there was something that came to mind.

Was Bison’s mistress purely a comic created character? Or was that what Capcom had originally planned as Bison’s master?

Purely comic created. The only things we know about his master from Capcom in the games is that he is male, that Vega(M.Bison in the US) trained with two other students and Vega killed his own master.

In the Raw Edition of SF #1 they describe that mistress as Rose’s mother.

EDIT: Oh yeah, if memory serves the Raw issue of SF #1 says that they changed Vega’s master to be female for the comic anyways.

wha i missed this issue can someone show me a cover of it so i can go find and buy it?

SF2 issue one was there they showed his master.

SF2 issue one the Raw Edition explained it in more detail with notes from the writer Ken Siu-Chong.

I’d put up images of the covers if I had the time, sorry… I’m pretty sure you can see them on Studio Udon’s website though.

argh i only have sf2 issue 0 my comic stored pulled sf2 for the time being until they come out with more issues. i can probably still get it there but damn i dont have the money to go comic shopping right now.

That was a woman? I thought it was an adrogynous male.

Maybe it’s…Ingrid!

thats only in the comic book that bisons master is a woman. dont believe anything in the comic as the SF comics has its own world that seperate itself from capcom’s world.