About my Balrog

Hello everyone,

I started to record some of my match, in order to see where i could get better, to re-watch my match and realise my mistakes…I play balrog.

I would like you guys tell me what’s wrong with my game, what i should improve and what i should keep.

This is why im sharing with you guys some of my videos, i would like to start with a good one (i guess) against a good ryu.

youtube vido : [media=youtube]tNTqVUBF7T4[/media]

Here is my channel (with all other videos) : http://www.youtube.com/user/Didiplouff

Thank you, and if i made any mistake in this message, forgive me, my native language isn’t english ;).

Hope some of you guys will get enough time with my “issue” and help me grow up ^^.

Didiplouf .


There’s an existing thread if you want other people to critique your videos. Next time you might want to post it there so you don’t clutter the board. :slight_smile:

Anyway regarding that vid:

The good:
-Looks like you’ve got the BnB combos down. Just need to work on consistency a bit.
-Nice use of cr. fp for punishing jump-ins.
-Looks like you’ve got the basics down. You were very quick to punish most of the Ryu’s mistakes.

The bad:
-You have a lot of bad habits that you need to work out of your game:
-Too many jump-ins. You’re lucky you weren’t getting SRKed. I’d say your ground game needs work.
-Too many random/unsafe headbutts. You’re lucky they weren’t getting blocked.
-Too many overheads. Don’t over use it. Better players will punish you for using it at the wrong time.

Consistency on combos. That ryu didnt test ya too much Didnt use alot of the high dmg combo he could have from youre mistake but non the less nice rog and keep it up :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your answers guys :), yea i realized that i do too many random headbutts, I’ll try to not jump that much, and practice more my basic combo, by the way i guess that BnB combos mean the basic combo or something like that, but i would like to be sure, what does mean BnB ?.

Thank you again, and for the further videos, I’ll use the dedicated thread :).

In regards to the headbutts: If you’re having trouble hit confirming it you can always replace headbutt with LP Dash Straight. It much better than eating a raw ultra like you will when facing better players. Also, try to not combo into ultra if you don’t have to.

Didiplouf, BnB meas “Bread and Butter combo”. Basicly, a combo that every player should know and you should be able to do it with only a moments notice whenever the chance comes.

Yup, but i would like to hit confirm this headbutt easily i think i should just train more, Before trying this headbutt after my lp I used to do the Dash Straight but the head butt is stronger. I’ll train more, I should ultra after a 3 hit combo MaX ?

I try to keep his combo into ultra as short as possible. Like MP->HB->ultra. In reality though when shit gets tough you do however many hits you need. but training yourself to do one hit or 2 helps

Okey, thank to both of you :), i think that i should practice my BnB combos ^^

Your match with Ryu was all over the place. Like one of the other people on here said, yur lucky he didnt hit you with all the tools he has.
With Ryu try to use more of your normals, the standing round house is probably one of Rogs best weapons, especially against shotos. To get in some good practice and to develop some good habits. Play the computer for a while in the training room using nothing but his jab dashing straight and standing RH, standing Fierce, crouching fierce and Jab. Nothing else, no headbuts, no jumping no ex and no ultra. You will be suprised at how well Rog can hold shotos off with only these weapon. If you incorperate that into your game, and learn your spacing you will be suprised at how many wins you will get and how easy it becomes.

I’ll try this, thank .