About my dudley

Can you give me some tips/advice and tell me what is good/wrong about my dudley playing style (i play seriously 3S and Dud since 1 year)

[media=youtube]xFbq0vzEn7c[/media] (pink one)


I’ve only seen the first video so far so here are my thoughts:

  • First and foremost: Execution. I saw a lot of missed hit confirms and combos (Makoto is one of the easiest characters to juggle in the corner x_x). Get those basics down.

  • Ground game. This was almost non-existent. That Makoto was whiffing a bunch of normals throughout your set and I don’t think I saw a single counter poke st.rh x ex mgb.

  • 1:32: You should’ve tacked on the super at the end of this combo. This would have left her with roughly no life left and you could’ve gone for a chip kill instead of worrying about having her be hit by the next mixup in order to win.

  • blocked hayates, punish better with st.rh x ex mgb insetad: 0:45, 3:54. Usually most blocked hayates leave her close enough to be hit by st.rh. Doing st.rh x ex mgb not only costs less meter, but more importantly does MORE damage than doing just cr.mp x cork.

  • cr.mp > nothing: 2:24, 3:06, 4:17, 4:27, 4:54, 5:02, 9:36. You had meter whenever all of these strongs hit by never opted to go for a (duck) super after each one hit. If you’re close enough you can leave out the duck and just cancel straight into super a la Kokujin style.

  • 9:11: Target combo instead short short super? Use your meter! Getting the damage, knockdown and free rose could’ve potentially won you this round if you had done that instead.

Thanks for your help

  • about punishing whiff the best is st.HK > EX MGB ?

  • I have some trouble to do cr.LK x2 Cork in left side or to do st.MP > duck > Cork

  • Some good players around me says me i am to offensive and i should play zoning game

  • I didn’t know that the st.HK can punish hayate on guard, it’s great

  • Do you have special tips to do f.MK > Jet Upper after cr.HK or ex MGB ? i miss the JetU about 70%, i want to do it because it’s most the most punishing move after a juggle

Generally yes. For example there were a lot of whiffed cr.mp’s in your face, so st.hk x ex mgb those.

Um not really, just make sure you go back to neutral after the cr.hk/ex mgb. f+mk, d, df+fp.