About Q tutorial vid by karathrow.com



why you guys never add the 2 Q combos in Powerstrike combovid ?
it’s pretty hard for the 1st one , but 2nd 1 is a cross-up …
did any of you tried that before ?


could you please tell me what those comobs are, as long as they are pratical… Or post up a link? Thanks


It’s actually 3 combos.

The first looks like a FK CDB, Jab Rush Punch, Strong Rush Punch, cancel into SA2.

This is hard to do because the Jab Rush hits underneath Dudley so he flies in the opposite direction, the second “stabs” with Q’s fist so the SA2 lands.
It’s like a “crossunder”.

The second is two combos, in the corner on Alex.

some CDB, EX Rush Punch, back+RK. The combo ends here, but Q does another rush punch to pass on the other side of Alex. When Alex gets up, close FK, Jab Rush, cancel SA2, RK Shoulder Charge.


Here’s one interesting thing to note, not seen in the video, that might be useful:

If you do fierce slappy hands, and ONLY the last hit connects as anti-air, you can juggle them with dash punch (into SA2 if you’d like).

BTW, Streak and co., I’m not criticizing your video here. You did an excellent job, and actually showed me (a casual Q player) quite a few things I didn’t know. I’m just adding in extra bits of info which the intended audience might find interesting…



Well since we’re on the topic of the Powerstrike video, anyone care to share the name of the song featured in the video? Also the name of the group responsible for it would be appreciated too.


the song is

nightwish = star gazers

yeah … i dunno if this work
EX-dash punch , slappy , ex-dash-punch , slappy


Ah, thanks for the info!

I highly doubt it.

It’s practically impossible to connect anything after two connected Ex Rush Punches; be it specials or normals.


well …stunned , ex-D.punch ,B.strong EX-D.Punch …
those juggles are not allowed anymore …