About Remy?

I didnt understand his ending at all tha only i ever read in his story was he was out for revenge against Gill.

Bison’s best poke is probably his c.fp. His jumping midium punch can combo into his A-Groove combo as well. Not to mention, his c.fp can combo into his level 3 physcho crusher for insane damage. Bison is also good in any groove, including S. This is what makes him such of a force.

Say, boy.

What you want to do is aim for Metal Gear’s radar dish with the Stinger. Your other weapons are ineffective. About halfway through the fight, Grey Fox will sacrifice himself.

Oh, Remy’s storyline.

Right. Okay.

Tank rush is imminent with the Soviets. Build two factories starting off, 3-5 tanks, and rush the hell outta them.

Rush down

Actually, if you an ally, it’s somewhat possible to “out-rush” the soviets. Also remember, if the allies can tech up, it’s all over. “There’s nothing I can not do!”

That may be the case, but Guile’s Forward + FP has great priority. Try C.MP -> Sonic Boom for a pressure string. Airthrow alot.

Remy was not after gill remy was after guile “or so everyone thinks” no doubt in my mind he was. thats guiles daughter from SFII . In guiles ending u see his wife and daughter. But remy some ppl belive that in alpha 3 when charlie is supposedly killed he goes to france where he meets that wrestler chick in the weird 3D SF named rose if im not right. and guile got his freak on =P which made remy. So charlie taught remy some of guiles moves and he naturaly had his fathers. so leave it up to ur self to understand him but his name means in french from rheims
which is a legendary place in roman catholic times. And to all remy haters fuck off. just cause no one takes the time to learn him and enjoy his moves they gotta get pissy. thxs peace !

Remy’s hands are too big. I think he masturbates too much.

Indeed, Remy is widely regarded as a character of dubious sexual preference. However, it takes a real man to play with such a shitty character.

…And win matches. I’m still just a boy. :frowning:

Remy is in NO WAY shitty. Any character who plays like Guile and can use his tactics in a similar already has a 50% chance of winning. With the ease of charge partitioning you can lob of LOV’s so easily to zone them. and if you are mid screen -ish away a lk LOV followed immidiatly by a EX or HK CBK will defiantly cause some serious pressure since its pretty tough to parry, and if they jump bonus for you.

Did i also mention only Remy could get away with wearing platforms and still kick your ass…

When you encounter high-level play, you’re in for a real surprise if you think charge buffering and cbk pressuring is safe.

its all about psychic/ume cbk after jab lov.

I love smacking someone with CBK whiel they jump. It jsut feels right.

i random jab dp all cbks :mad:

so is Remy a High level chara? or do i have to just stick with Oro?:frowning:

how bout you drop them both and pick Urien :smiley:

He is still a charge character and he has better unblockables than that lil yellow piece of one armed crap.

nah… everybody plays him… better stick with Oro…

I am glad only two users actually took this thread seriously.

I actually was curious myself. Because its pretty vague of who remy is and how he fits into this.

Remy’s second to last fight is with Alex. Does Alex have something to do with Guile or Nash? I think Remy has more in common with Charlie Nash then anyone. It might even be speculated that Remy and his sister are Nashes children. And since nobody knows what happened to Guile after street Fighter 2, since hes not even mentioned in 3rdstrike, it is possible. Perhaps he is after guile for the death of his father? I really wish capcom would have gone into it more.

Holy crap, it’s true… he has HUGE HANDS. My guess on Remy’s background, he’s a product of Guile having sex with the Hand Monster, and then the Hand Monster gave birth to him. And that’s the story of Jimmy Jimmy James.

What the hell is remy’s fighting style?! capcom should of made a profile for him.

i agree. however, remy is an opportunist at heart. he capitalizes on loop holes and careless mistakes. other than that he takes the path of least resistance seeing as how he gets pussy whipped by chun li…remys got a thing for asian chicks.