About S.A. 1 & S.A. 3



Now we all know S.A. 2 rules all but what about her forgotten ones that are never used. Her Kikoushou is a useful keep-away/anti-air (similiar to Sentinel’s Plasma’s Storm in MVC2) except it’saprriable. And works well in all the same basic combos like B + HP, Fireball, Super Cancel, or B + MP, Fireball, Super Cancel. Yet S.A. 3 is a bit useless lil’ range alot of wind up time so it gives the opponent enough time to retliate. I had a decent combo with this. Jumping deep HK, standing close B + HP, Super Cancel, S.A. 3. Share your strats and insights on these Super Arts.


sa3 just plainly sucks, unless u want to kill someone who keeps crossing you up?

sa1 use it after u have reset someone in the air


any examples of resets?? or situations?
the SA1’s damage would be less for resets, right?:rolleyes:


like jab them when you meet them in the air… or d+mk, wait, d+hp, c.lp xx sa1