About sent's semi-infinite w/ unlfy



bout that combo that demise did, what’s the secret? i could only do about two reps… after that my oponent is too far for me to hit the unfly lk…here’s the situation…

corner, launch /\ sj.lk, ff.lk, ff.hp, unfly lk, ff.lk, hp, unfly then the low kick won’t hit anymore…how come? :sad:


does it come out? liek u have unfly activated? cuz if so then that means ur moving back far more and u need to go faster i think im not srue try that


are you using the same direction to ff every time? sometimes it helps to choose the direction in which way you need to go. i.e. if the lk wont hit because they are too low, ff with down. if that doesnt work, delaying the hp sometimes works for me. or maybe do both? haha


ah.didn’t think of the delay part…okay i’ll try that…