About SF's Akuma/Gouki

I don’t know where I got this idea…probably from the mangled sf Alpha 2 ending translations. Anyway, before Sf3, I’d always thought that Akuma, now that he has been consumed by the Satsui No Hadou (which has awesome regenerative abilities as seen in the Nakahira SFZero manga) was now immortal, and stood as a crucible for all fighters in the coming generations seeking to attain total mastery of martial arts, and would continue to do so for every generation, whether he is “killed” (as much as a being such as he is COULD be) or not…but as we see in sf3, he ages, and will die. The Alpha 2 ending made it seem like his ass will ALWAYS be around to test those who seek mastery. Kinda disappoints me.

But… but old age IS his worthy opponent after all :sad:

In SF4 he still seem pretty young, especially in comparison to his brother Gouken. I have 3 ideas;

  1. He does age, but much slower
  2. Gouken neutralises his ability to prevent aging sometime in the SF4 series
  3. Capcom have no idea what they’re doing story-wise (Sakura should be like 21, mobiles in the 90’s etc.).

I go with 3, sadly.

I think you completely forgot…that Akuma is a robot.

What Akuma secretly doesn’t want you to know: he wears a hairpiece.

I just thought that there should be ONE person, some eternal warrior, who should always be there to challenge a fighter, and in the outcome of the battle usher him/her, spiritually reborn into complete mastery and enlightenment…or destroy him/her. But this would explain why Akuma never appeared in the Star Gladiator series.

But isn’t the idea of some ultimate warrior out there dancing in the moonlight just incredibly silly? With what little story Street Fighter has, I thought the point had been made that Akuma’s rage would ultimately lead to his downfall and consumption at the hands of his ‘evil karate’.

I mean seriously, this whole ‘total mastery’ thing is like an old kung-fu movie gimmick. I wouldn’t worry about it, wasn’t Ryu born in like 1945? Nobody will ever die, except charlie.

add to that the fact that people seem to get more incredibly ridiculous with power as they get older, and I really wouldn’t worry about it. Oro’s got to be a few hundred at least.

Zankuro is a better ultimate warrior: he’s already got white (age-universal) hair, a sword longer than his opponent, and he always comes back even beyond death.

where do you get all your sf storyline info from? (besides playing the games)

i just read epic fanfics