About SRK wake ups

i hope this have already been posted but it seems to me alot of people have been having trouble with shoryu happy guys who spam the move on for example wake up.
for some time ago i payed justin wong on streetfighter.us to play a few sessions with. he learned me alot of stuff and what i should practice and the one thing he loved to do with people who over used the srk on wake up was timing crossup jumps. for example he would TT them, dash forward, wait 0.5 seconds, and neutral crossup jump. if ryu, sagat, Ken throws a reversal dp out, it would whiff and he can catch them with ultra and all sort of stuff. if they don’t dp, it’s a pretty safe crossup where you canstart mizing with tt and cod combos.

this should have been placed in strategies thread, im sry for that.:sweat:

Well you cant use that all the time, because eventually they’d use a lp.SRK or TU and hit you, and if its Ryu or Sagat, that means Ultra as well

Is eating an Ultra worth possibly avoiding one SRK?

Actually, I know for a fact that there is a safe jump in on sagat where you cross him up and he can’t TU you out of the jump. One of the players in my local scene swore that the same holds for both Ryu and Akuma, but not Ken. I have had some luck doing the OP’s tactic on Ryu, but it’s very strict timing. Jump too soon and a wakeup srk will track and hit the crossup, too late and it will hit you as you try to go over.

I don’t think there is a safe jump on Ken, but I could be wrong. I think if he has meter the ex srk tracks extremely well, but again I’m not sure.

i think on ken, you have to jump a little little bit earlier so it goes the wrong way.