About the Arcana Heart 2 stick

Saw this today: http://kotaku.com/5163309/cute-fighting-game-getting-cute-fighting-stick

Does anyone know anything about this? Whether it would be easy to put Sanwa into it? I love the design, and the price isn’t bad (if I can find a place to order one from).

It looks like it would require the exact same procedure as the HRAP Ex. Remove bottom plate then remove nuts securing faceplate from under, and viola, hopefully buttons are QDs.

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No one knows because no one can buy one to gut it. The best guess right now is it will be soldered like the SF IV stick.

Also, there is already a topic about it:


The last Arcana Heart stick had buttons soldered to the PCB. It seems that the chance of having soldered buttons or an inferior joystick mount go way up when Hori makes a game-licensed HRAP.

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