About the EVO scholarship


I hope this is in the right place. When will they be releasing an application for the EVO scholarship?


Definitely this week!


I was hoping to get some clarification with the following in regards to who qualifies:

I’m currently working on a Masters in psychology and I’ve been working on a research project that’s exploring the concept of using games as a therapeutic tool, especially for military personnel diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I hope that someday finding such uses for games will greatly impact future designs. I am most interested in using competitive games (Fighting & FPS) because of the unique social interactions that often accompany playing them.

Currently, psychology is primarily used in game development as a means of creating games that are addictive as possible to increase profit margins, but I would like to challenge that and help create games that have a greater positive impact on the lives of their players. As players gain more freedom and social interaction in virtual worlds, I feel that games and the communities built around them are poised to become a more powerful influence in the lives of people around the world.

I was curious if my studies and career goals would qualify for your scholarship. It seems like it may be directed primarily at people who are focused on programming, but it might also be open to people involved in arts and sciences that assist in development and design choices.

Any clarification you might be able to provide in this would be greatly appreciated!


Good question. Our initial intent was to target the scholarship more towards careers directly involved in game development, but this is an interesting adjacent field. It does qualify.


Thank you sir :slight_smile: