About the free SFxT character codes


There’s been next to no information on this other than being told the registered player for Evo will get an email. Since we’re effectively a week and a half away from release and they have about 500 emails to send out, give or take a few, has anyone received an email asking about our console preference for the codes? I’m fully aware this might be a little early but given the sheer amount of email replies they’ll be expecting (I’m guessing they’ll only send one email on blast to all of us initially and then have to respond individually for our codes), I can’t imagine they’ll wait any longer than this coming week.

Just curious. Played Lars at Evo and got genuinely excited about the game again.


Dont worry, we will be contacting everyone shortly about the sfxt codes. Everyone will be getting their codes around patch time.


Thanks for the reply. Wasn’t really worried, per se, but definitely excited. Honestly can’t say I’ve been excited about SFxT much at all since release but Lars was a ton of fun. Good stuff.


could somebody repost the link to the page where you entered your details for the codes? i cant seem to find it anymore.


There wasn’t a page. You’ll be emailed on the same address you registered for SFxT with. It was just the normal registration. Nothing special required.


there was a link on the recent news feed where you had to enter your name, email and also which consoles you wanted the two codes for. thats what im looking for.


Well…shit. I didn’t see that and now I’m concerned. I’ll post it if I find the link.

EDIT: Found it: http://shoryuken.com/evo2012-sfxt-codes/


good man, i was looking for this all day


Rather than sift through all the posts, I just searched ‘evo’ on the main page. Found it pretty quickly lol. Good look on pointing it out, though. I had no idea that existed.


So, I received the e-mail letting me know that I can claim my codes, which is awesome. What is less awesome is that I play on PC (steam), so the Xbox 360 and PS3 codes are not going to be of much use.

Are the 360 codes “usable” on PC, or do I need to reach out to Capcom to see if I am out of luck?


AFAIK the codes are for consoles only, and will not work on PC at all. I think you are out of luck.


I tried redeming my codes but it keeps saying it can’t find my registration information, anyone having the problem as well?


Yeah I get the same thing here when I enter my details.

Although I havent had my email through yet, so maybe you can only get your codes if you have received the email first.

EDIT: Wait! It just went through when I tried it now. Maybe whatever problem was happening earlier has been fixed.


I didn’t have any problems the other day. No comfirmation, really, but it said it went through. Time to sit back and wait patiently.


Response from Sven over at Capcom Unity. http://www.capcom-unity.com/ask_capcom/go/thread/view/7371/29248783/EVO_2012_SFxT_Codes_For_PC_Gamers

[LEFT]“We’re going to make something available for PC users who were at Evo… details pending. In any event, the DLC isn’t yet available on PC so there’s likely to be a little wait either way and we need a little time to make some arrangements. Stay tuned.”[/LEFT]

Moral of the story- it never hurts to ask, and Sven is a pretty rad dude.


Capcom tweeted about it earlier. Said anyone that wants to get a PC code should email them. Check the Capcom-unity twitter account for the proof, but it says if you want a PC code to contact accounts@capcom.com before 7/28, which is Saturday.


When should we expect the codes?


Mr. Wizard said around patch time, which is tomorrow. Given XBL updating around 5am and PSN about 12 hours later, there’s not a huge rush. Ideally we’ll have them tonight or tomorrow, but free is free and I’m content to wait. Heh. Punned by accident.


The patch is out already.


…well…the characters aren’t live yet, so…