About the gap in a special cancel combo


Say I want to cancel a normal move into a special. Like Rose’s c.mp into mk.Spiral.

Is this the correct math to calculate the gap?

(startup of the special) subtracts (block stun of the normal)

mk.Spiral has 15f startup and c.mp does 14f block stun, is the gap between them 1 frame?


Moves tend to have cancelable windows on them that act independently of everything else (for many games if my memory serves me). Some moves can be canceled during their start-up and even into their active frames on whiff, hence kara uppercuts for Sagat and kara throws. In KOFXIII, Takuma even has moves that the cancel window is so long that you can even cancel into a fireball so late that it won’t even combo.

In short, I’m pretty sure the cancel window is its own separate aspect of frame data, so you can’t really do the math for the moves.


It might be best just to test it out in training mode if that is the case

I don’t think you can poke out of it with a jab in any case