About the lube in the sanwa sticks

So a friend recently recommended that i clean out the lube or goop or whatever it is inside my sanwa joystick, for a different feel. Being so quick to try new things, I quickly did it, and i like the way it feels now, but its left me with some concern on the lifespan of the stick. I cant help but wonder if the plastic is gonna scrape away at itself like a n64 analog stick does over time. Anyhoo, just figured i would post here and see if i could get any insight/opinions on the matter. Anyone else done this, or have any thoughts? Also, just in case, does anyone know where i could order some more of this lube/goop?

Lizardlick has some Dow-Corning lube that’ll work, isn’t exactly the cheapest stuff in the world though: http://www.lizardlick.com/pages/joysticks.shtml

Dow-Corning Molycoat 44 or Shin-Etsu G-40M, accept nothing less.

While your ordering and worrying about wear and tear on your stick you can also order a jlf pivot cylinder and actuator they are like $1 each or so just incase

Good shit. Thx for the info guys.

Or you can buy some silicone grease (avoid anything petrolium based) from a hard ware store. I bought 6 gram’s worth for $4 last week.

you can also use paintball marker lube on it. i apply some on mines and its the same as the original lube