About the Madcatz MK replacement panel

I thought the layout looked kind of wierd, and kind of familiar at the same time.

Dunno if anyone brought this up so I did some poor skewing in photoshop.

Yeah, it’s pretty much is the Vewlix layout minus three buttons and a button centered.

So if you’re on the edge about buying one, it’s a maybe on your next purchase, want an idea on what the template might be like, or you just want to practice in the meantime this will probably help sway your decision.

But thanks MarkMan for thinking about the MK players though. Not to dog you or anything.

I think that’s the point. MK layout but with a Japanese, ergonomic twist.

Hmm, that could very well be the point. I really didn’t look at it that way, wasn’t really portrayed as such in the video to me.

You know that saying about “you can’t polish a turd”?

That’s exactly how I feel about the MK layout in general.

I think two of the reasons this layout was chosen was because of the post that holds the USB cord would obstruct the HP button and the PCB would be in the way of the run button. So I think this layout is a great idea to make this panel work without modification to the case and moving the PCB. take a look at the UMK3 layout on arts panel builder. here is a pic of my plexi TE as well.