About the MadCatZ TE round 2 sticks

I’m thinking of making the switch from pad to a stick but i just wanted to hear opinions.

Is the current street fighter MadCatZ round 2 TE stick worth the buy to start off? And does it have alot of problems to worry about. I’ve seen mostly good reviews about the stick, but i wanted to do a double check :wgrin:


The Round 3 is almost here (warranty on my R2, the socity don’t have any remplacment and reimburse me, went to somewhere else to buy it and I don’t see any R2 for xbox/pc, but R3 in preco). I wonder if they will be any good : http://www.materiel.net/ctl/Xbox_360/56853-Arcade_Fighting_Sticks_Tournament_SSFIV_noir_Xbox.html
There is no tech details sadly. And I don’t find any clues on the interweb.

Edit : thanks donovanmyers. :slight_smile:

You should probably post or read one of the numerous threads that already exist for these products:

TE: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=162653&highlight=fight+stick+tournament+edition
TE S (What Whinette is referring to as Round 3): http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=221283


I have 2 PS3 TEs that have never had any problems. I also recently got a 360 Marvel vs Capcom TE for $99 at Gamestop. All great sticks. I also got the TvC Wii stick from MadCatz (that is similar to the PS3/360 SEs) and love that, even the stock stick/buttons.

But, I’m not a Mad Catz fanboy (hah), I also have a Hori EX2, Virtua Stick High Grade and HRAP Pro EX-SE (first I loved the switch to Seimitsu, but now I’m back on the Sanwa train) and an actual Taito Vewlix control panel.

If you like Japanese sticks/buttons, the TE is the best bang for your buck (all Sanwa from the get go). The round 2 at $130 isn’t a bad price, but don’t be afraid of the original TEs for $99 or less. From what I’ve read on this forum, Mad Catz does have pretty good hardware support.

Yup my bad for not reading and posting in an already open thread.

Thank you for the info… i was already eye’n the 99$ original TE stick from best buy. :smiley:

I would have recommended you to get it from Amazon which normally is tax free, unless you are in new york.

get the first gen TE, it’s cheaper

ya I would get the first gen TE as well …