About the PS3

My friend is planning to buy the PS3 and he was wondering if games like 3S, CvS2, and ST (from CCC2) would lag from it. From what I have heard, the games would not have a perfect conversion and will lag. Otherwise, he?ll buy a PS2 instead. Thanks in advance!

they lag. unless you play on a non hdtv crt tv. ps3 does a bad job upscaling games fast. they look ok tho

So as long as I am using a CRT TV, it will not lag. I never knew that CRTs can go HD. Also, I thought HDTV lags regardless of the console. Thanks for the reply.

there are crt tv’s that support 1080i. but they are rare these days.

games on hdtv wont lag if the console supports the native resolution of the tv, and as well as the game supporting the native resolution.

ps2 games dont support hd, with exception of gt4 and gow2 able to do 720p(maybe a couple more games out there), so the ps3 has to upscale the the image, which takes processing time.

but yeah in the end, if you are using a ps3 for ps2 fighters, keep it on an sdtv

but even then, I believe the ps3’s de-interlacing routine lags about 2-3 frames.

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