About the rarity of mvc2 (especially ps2)

Idk about you guys, but it kinda pisses me off that greedy bastards on ebay know about the mvc2 situation and jack their starting prices up around $70 so that by the time you get a bid in, it’s hit $100+. Who agrees with me? Because that very crap was my last option to get mvc2. So, i took it.

They do that 'cause they’re smart and they know people will pay it. If you want to get a cheap copy of MvC2 your only option is to get a modchip/Swap Magic and get the Korean version (I got mine brand new for $15, shipping included).


But how much are the modchips/swapmagics? And do they even have them for the slim ps2’s?

my friend sold a sealed mvc2 ps2 for 180 cash. ownddidididid.

Magic + Swap Magic for Slim PS2 costs around $35 if you include shipping. It might seem expensive but it gives you the ability to play imports as well.

Swap-magic is awesome.

Imported rez for under $10 shipped, guilty gear xx slash, KOF, etc.

Region protection is such BS. I mean, how smart is it that I had to buy something that lets me play pirated games to be able to play legit games from another territory?

Eh, once ps3 gets here, all of that goes out the window.

get it on dreamcast, and if you dont have a dreamcast, get one of those while youre at it. on ebay both together should run you half of what you would pay for the inferior ps2/xbox versions

Just how is the ps2 version inferior? Now i’m just hoping i haven’t really screwed up by getting the one with stuff left out…

ps2 mvc2 is worst mvc2 ever made in history.

like I said before the ps2 mvc2 = a huge mistake by capcom.

glitcy sound, laggy, and blue disk. A must have since its a mistake by capcom. I know capcom even hates it.

Sounds good enough to be worth my $80, since it is my #1 fav. game. Like i said, i already bought it on ebay. Now i just have to wait for it to get here…

You were better off buying a DC for about 50 bucks and downloading MVC2 for free =P

Free? Damn. Oh well, i’ll enjoy it.

Umm, it’s not the sellers who make people buy their game for $80. You can put the starting price at $0.99 and it’s still going to shoot up to whatever it sells for these days.

yeah flame meh, but is the ps2 port similar to the dc port or similar to the xbox port

the xbox port does not seem anything like arcade, they fixed a shit load of glitches etc.

MvC2 for DreamCast ftw!

I was just about to trade mine in.

gotta U.S. copy if anyone wants it. it’ll def be cheaper than 80(after shipping).
U.S. only

any idea how much a japanese dc mvc2 is worth?

japanese one is probably worth jack since theres no way you can get all the characters for the game unless you download a save file or something. i once heard that there was a gameshark code to get them for the jap cersion but haven;t found it so far.