About the rarity of mvc2 (especially ps2)

Which is why it is discontinued. Meaning you cannot buy it at any retail stores, nor would they carry any unsold copies (have any in stock? hellz no!) Best bet would to check up EBGames or Gamestop on a weekly basis to see if they run across any pre-played copies that get traded in. Either that or hitting up ebay and click on the buy it now tab to search for the cheapest one (tax included) and to have enough funds to pick it up before anyone else and DON’T WAIT! I could have gotten an XBOX version a while back for about $50ish and told myself I’ll look around and check back the next day. I was watching it and the next time I logged in, it was sold :sad: I have an original DC version and an original DC Jap version plus my customs so no big deal.

The Japanese MvC2 PS2 ver is more rare than the US one. They both suck anyways. You could DL the PS2 version, its like 150mb. So is 150mb worth $80?

ps2 got jacked versions of AE and mvc2.

Come to us first next time


Lets get things straight, other than looking/sounding like ass compared to DC and having AlphaCounters effed, PS2 MVC2 is ok. Not worth the huge price when you can of course get a DC and a free MVC2 copy for around 25 bucks, but if you already have it, it’s not the end of the world, and is ok for training on.

PS2 MVC2 has Sent Unblockable and every other game thing used today, and although I’ve heard people complain about the timing being different, it has to be very slight, I learned ROM on DC and went right to PS2 no problem, I learned IM infinite on PS2 and went to DC no problems.

So, other than looking/sounding like ass compared to DC MVC2, and having Alpha counters kinda screwed, it’s fine, but if you know before hand that a Dreamcast runs about 25 bucks, and you can get get MVC2 for nothing, then unless you HAVE to buy the PS2 version, you should get the DC version which is a ton better and cheaper. (even buying the DC included)

I have a used copy of MvC2 for ps2 that I am willing to sell :).

so i’m not the only one that noticed the timing difference? i thought it was just me. besides you can’t do counters in the ps2 version? serious i thought I did. any other differences that you guys can notice?

i got mine for 30 bucks in very good condition.

random tip - hit up the high schools.


Heh, things didn’t go as planned, so i can still pull out. And i will, so yay for saving some of my $80.

:looney: Good. I felt rather bad for you.

Yeah, thanks for the suggestions guys.

actually you can counter in the ps2 version i don’t know why it’s a reverse dp though.

You can get hit on the way out when you do a counter. I’ve countered through oroboros so it isn’t too bad.

Sound is a little different and it glitches or something sometimes, but only on the character select screen(it’s more amusing when it glitches so it’s a bonus!).

People say the speed is noticably different on dreamcast from arcade. I’m not sure which is closer to the ps2 version.

Juggernaught and Gambit glitches were removed, and I think other game freezing ones too.

Guard breaks are still there, sent unblockable is still there, unfly is still there.

call up blockbusters if you want it… i went there a few days ago to try to “rent, say i lost it, pay $30, sell on ebay”… i went there… BRAND NEW FUCKING COPY… $14.99


mvc2 on ps2? i laugh in your face! HA HA HA

here you go loser…

MMDS with the fail for not reading the entire thread and owning himself again.

you lose.

soooo can someone tell me the difference between xbox and ps2? is there a diff (other than coloring/art) between ps2 and dc?

wtf are u talking about? he said he wants a copy of mvc2, people suggested DC, so i linked him to DC + MvC2 bundles.

i dont want this guy buying a ps2 copy, im trying to help him.

edit: ok, i see he already bought it, but he can sell it and go with DC version.

I posted all the differences to the ps2 version that I know of in post 33.

Technically I didn’t post that one plays on ps2s and one dcs. I hope you’ll forgive me.