About the rarity of mvc2 (especially ps2)

i think dc is closer to the arcade version i have an easier time pulling off my combos, might have to do with the 360s as well. i prefer competitions joysticks personally.

sucks that they took out those glitches, actually i think the juggy glitch is still there.

Yes, juggs glitch is still in PS2 version.

Ok, I was misinformed about the Juggernaught glitch. All two people in the world that use it can rest easilly.

Does that make you feel better?

pets Zaelars head

it’s all gonna be ok.

What does the disc color have to do with the PS2 ver. being crappy?

It comes on CD media (blue disc), not DVD, the blue disc drivers in all the older style PS2’s wear out over time, and sometimes stop working altogether, some sooner than most.

it was re-released on a dvd though.