About the Wii stick

So I found the Hori Wii stick for 40 bucks at my local gamestop today. I doubt anyone is going to by this, but I had a few questions regarding this stick. As some of you may know, I’m still looking for a PS3 stick to use ( eyeing the HRAP3). So with that being said, I had some questions:

  1. Could this be turned into a PS3 stick?
  2. How much would it cost?
  3. Would it be worth it?
  4. If I decided I wanted to do this, would anyone here do it for me?

I think if I had this done, I also have it modded with sanwa buttons. Anyway, thinks in advance for the feedback. :wgrin:

  1. yes
  2. with a psx controller and an adapter - bout $25
  3. with above method you also have support for psx/2. Most of the older fighters require this in tourney play(assuming you still wanna play 3s or GGXX). Also you have pc support.
  4. People can sell you presoldered pcbs. Modding to jap parts is a different story though.

i cant say i recommend this though. but 40 is 40. And if you need really need a cheap stick go for it. Modding to jap parts will require a dremmel and is a bitch. Post if you need guides

Hmmm I see. Well I want something that will last me and just an overall great quality stick. That’s why I want the HRAP3 but I felt like this could be much cheaper and not too bad. So, there are Wii to PSX/2 adapters? Hmmm, well I also need it for PS3 though. :confused:

reread number 2

padhack the psx controller and then get a psx/2 -> ps3 adapter

if you want a great quality stick then you can go hrap2 with the psx/2 -> ps3 stick


Why don’t you type your zip code in there and see if there are any locally. I already checked CT and PA and there are definitely some there.

I highly recommend the Wii stick right now. It seems that the Wii stick is the ugly step child of Hori joysticks, not susceptible to Ebay’s price gauges. It’s just as moddable as any Hori FS series and personally I like the Wii stick aesthetics more than all Hori FS. I have turned my Wii stick into a wireless PS3 stick using Sixaxis PCB and ShinJN’s adapter board. I like it very much. More info or pics at my site (signature).

Thanks for all the heads up. I checked the gamestop site and the closest is in the city. Meh. But thanks to everyone who helped out. Still haven’t decided what I’m gonna do so I still need some more inputs.

I’m considering grabbing on of these and a Cuthulu.

I’ve got two of the wii sticks, they’re just so dirt cheap you just can’t go wrong.

heck if you plan to use it for ps3, get a cthulhu board.

I bought the Wii stick and I must say its a lot more solid than I thought it was going to be. I’m in the middle of modding it right now and after wiring my Madcatz 360 PCB to the stock buttons and joystick its been fun to use.

I still have a lot of work done once my parts come. If its your first mod, this is a good choice because you get the experience of soldering and a bit of modding the case itself without actually having to build the case (That will be my next project).

Yeah, regular cthulhu board is just as cheap or cheaper, plus way easier to hook up.

cthulhu? Hmmm, I’m not sure what it is… but I did a google search. I’m not sure how it works though.

check out the cthulhu thread


ah okay. That sounds cool, so all and all if I bought the Wii stick, with the cthulhu board, the should cost be about 80 bucks? Not counting all the tolls I need to get and stuff, right? If that’s that case… wouldn’t I be better off buying the PS3 FS3? (This is all assuming there is absolutely no way for getting the HRAP3)

Why not the hori fight stick 3 for ps3 ? You only have to mod the buttons ( and stick if you would like ) whereas wii stick you have to do the pcb switch.

Try and find one. They are much harder to come by now.

Yeah, I think that’s what I’m gonna do. I think modding it will make it just as good as all the other “ballin” sticks.