About the xbox 360 triggers for arcade stick

hello all
Im planning to make a custom xbox 360 arcade stick.
Im going to use a guide from http://www.slagcoin.com/joystick/introduction.html and various tutorials around to web and srk.
so far i think i can work out all the steps except for the xbox 360 triggers.

I want my stick with 8 buttons but I’ve read conflicting information about the triggers. I’ve read that you can wire it like the regualr a/b/y/x buttons but I’ve also read that you’ll need additional hardware to work with them since they are pressure sensitive.

also i was thinking of using one of the madcatz fight pads
instad since i read that its easier to wire and doesn’t have the triggers like the stock xbox 360 pads.

and information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

fightpad/madcatz joystick boards is easiest way to make an 8 button stick

next in line is a 4716 pad which needs a trigger hack using a hex inverter

try to avoid other pads/circuit boards as its annoying because they’re most likely common line and harder to wire for arcade stick use

Simple Answer: Use the Fight/Brawlpad. Not only is it one of the cheapest 360 pcb options, its also one of the most simple.
Longer Answer: Use the Fight/Brawlpad. If you ever decide to add in a ps3 pcb or anything else, you really don’t need to worry, its common ground, no trigger work is needed.

If you plan to dualmod it, Toodle’s ChImp board has two inverter terminals you just hookup those triggers up to and then they work like normal (as in, not always being pressed).

If you’re making a custom:
6 button is better.
8 button is dick.

I don’t plan on a dual mod but thanks

btw are you the royalflush in this tvc video

Even if you are not planing for a dual mod, wiring up the 1 Xbox 360 board as if you were sometimes saves on headaches.
Daisy chaining or tying up your grounds together will reduce the amount of wire use and reduce clutter inside of your stick.

Mad Catz Fight Pad/ Brawl pad are the #1 most recomended board here followed by the MadCatz 4716 board
Power A’s mini controller for the Xbox 360 also looks promising

Haha, yup, that’s me. Good game.